The American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment is conducting its third annual Faces of the Front Lines national nurse survey.

The following is open to all registered nurses currently practicing in the United States. 

2022 Survey
Is your hospital, clinic, or healthcare delivery setting experiencing a nurse staffing shortage?
Has your organization closed beds because it was unable to staff them?
How would you rate the current staffing shortage:
If the nurse staffing shortage does not improve, will it negatively impact your long-term plans to remain in the profession?
Has the staffing shortage worsened over the last year?
Which factor best explains why the shortage has worsened in your opinion?
How often does your unit have the necessary number of nurses who have the right skills and experience?
Can your organization provide adequate care to patients under current staffing levels?
In the past 14 days, have you experienced any of the following at work? (Select all that apply.)
How would you rate your current emotional health?
Is work stress negatively impacting your life outside the hospital?
Would you encourage others to enter the practice of nursing?
Have you sought professional mental health services and support as a result of work stress or anxiety?
How long have you been a practicing registered nurse?
Would you be more or less inclined to support politicians who prioritize solutions to the nursing shortage, such as a nurse visa category and more investments in nurse training programs?
What best describes your motivation in becoming a nurse?
Which best describes your organization?
In which setting do you practice?
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