News from the front lines of the nursing shortage

Unsafe staffing levels

Three-fourths of US RNs say staffing in their unit has "reached unsafe levels."

Considering quitting

More than one-third of US RNs are considering quitting the practice over burnout.

*according to 2021 AAIHR national nurse survey

Ethics in Action
The AAIHR has a zero-tolerance policy for member violations of our ethical recruitment policy. Our Independent Review Board protects international nurses.
From around the world to your bedside.

We're the voice for foreign-educated health care professionals in the US.

For more than 70 years, foreign health care professionals have treated US patients.

But they've never been more central to the delivery of quality health care in this country than in the last two years, when the nursing shortage has reached crisis levels.

We fight to give voice to international nurses and the health systems and American families who depend on them.

The US needs to get serious about the nursing shortage.

The worst of the coronavirus may be behind us, but America's nursing shortage is worse than ever as hospital staffing buckles under covid burnout. Learn how we're fighting to get hospitals the nurses they need.

Hospitals need more nurses now.

The Healthcare Workforce Resilience and the H1-D Acts would get US hospitals the nurses they desperately need.

Latest News from the Frontlines

AAIHR members are at the front lines of America's nursing shortage

America needs more nurses—stat.

We fight for common-sense policies that allow more hospitals to have the staffing resources they need to keep your families safe. Here's where we're focused.

There are thousands of qualified international nurses who have passed background checks, US licensure and English language exams, but cannot complete their visa applications because of green card apportionment rules. The HWRA would fix that.

As a condition of membership in AAIHR, organizations must pledge support and adherence to a strict and detailed code of ethics, which the association administers through an Independent Review Board.